When it comes to implementing investment decisions across the globe, SG CIB program trading teams understand the needs of our customers. As a core business, program trading contributes significant flows to cash equity daily volumes

Smart execution

SG CIBs program trading desks leverage leading market impact models and sophisticated trading tools to deliver exceptional performance and service to our clients. Our automated, flexible infrastructure makes it possible to trade cross-border baskets with ease.

Wide range of benchmarks

SG CIB provides the ability to trade cross-border portfolios versus a variety of benchmarks including VWAP, Open, Close, POV and Implementation Shortfall With Volume, in addition to customized solutions for specific strategies.

A 24-hour global reach

Access to over 70 international trading venues and 95% of global equity market capitalization. Worldwide management of your orders is through integrated technical architecture, efficient organisation, and specialised teams.

Specialised team

Established in 1995, our program trading team consists of sales traders, dedicated PT dealers and quantitative traders all committed to our client relationships and focused on superior execution. Our professionals are located in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Unique facilitation capabilities

SG CIB is uniquely positioned as one of the few firms able to offer portfolio-level facilitation.

Comprehensive trade reporting

In order to meet your performance and compliance requirements, we provide advanced pre-trade analysis, detailed execution reports and comprehensive post-trade analysis. Execution reports can be sent via the FIX protocol or custom file formats.