SG CIB is a unique multi-provider dealer and an experienced cross asset player. SG CIB provides assistance throughout selection and implementation processes.

Advisory power

Our professionals will use their in depth knowledge of the market to select the most suitable ETF to match your needs.

Dedicated ETF publications

Via the monthly report and the weekly ETF publication, we keep you posted on investment opportunities as well as ETF market information.

All execution modes

We strive to deliver the best execution strategy according to your trading requirements. SG CIB can accomodate all execution permutations to meet your needs: at market, agency and net asset value.

Multi provider dealer

Covering more than 99% of the ETF market capitalisation, SG CIB distributes ETFs from all major providers across Asia, America and Europe.

Aggressive pricing policy

SG CIB aims to deliver the tightest spreads using its extensive network of specialised market makers and facilitation capabilities.

Cross asset player

At the forefront of this booming market, SG CIB is active on all ETF classes promoting equity, commodities, real estate and bond-based ETFs.