SOCIETE GENERALE globally trades billions of euros daily through its quantitative trading tools developed and honed over many years by its derivatives teams.

Confidentiality and signaling

Anonymity of your flow is a priority for us. Your algorithmic orders flow through a segregated platform not visible to other trading groups and are supported by dedicated service desk consultants. We incorporate logic to reduce signaling risk to the market as well as utilising a variety of liquidity sources to mask your intentions.

A full range of third generation algorithms

SG CIB delivers a mature, comprehensive set of sophisticated algorithms continuously updated and fine-tuned for local markets to give you the best of breed tools. The product aims to reduce market impact, improve performance versus your benchamrk, and provide anonymity and efficiency for you orders.

Ease of access

Our algorithms are available through most of the world's leading Order Management Systems and are easily incorporated into proprietary front-end applications. We also offer the option of sending algorithmic orders to our program desk that will monitor your orders and if appropriate, may manually intervene in the execution strategy.

Global access to liquidity

Our algorithms source liquidity from the world's largest liquidity pools including crossing networks, dark pools and multilateral trading facilities, together with SG CIB's internal flow.

Premier service and support model

A dedicated service desk consultant will be your personal contact to ensure your trading needs are being met, from execution performance discussions to monitoring potential performance issues.

Tailor-made algorithms

The algorithmic trading team will collaborate with you to design an algorithm that will fit your specific objectives and trading styles, as well as work with your desktop and network providers to deploy customisations for you use.